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Food or Art? Flower Desserts Too Pretty to Eat

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Hana no Babaroa, or Habaro for short, makes beautiful flower renditions of traditional Bavarian cream desserts.

Bavarian cream is usually made with eggs, milk, and gelatin, and is sometimes decorated with fruits. But instead of fruits, Habaro uses edible flowers and gold leaf to make each gelatin cake into intricate works of art. The store also features unique seasonal flavors such as kiyomi orange and strawberry cream cheese.

Cakes come in two sizes: the personal-sized Fleur (3.5 cm) at ¥350 and the party-sized Bouquet (15 cm) at ¥2,600.
You can buy them at the Hana no Babaroa shop in the Ichibangai shopping area in Tokyo Station. They tend to sell out fast, so try to get there early.

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