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Wheelchairs for Dogs Rolling out in Osaka

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Wheelchairs for Dogs Rolling out in Osaka

Osaka's Sweepea Studio is making custom-built wheelchairs for handicapped dogs.

This 13-year-old Pug's back legs are paralyzed. But with the help of this wheelchair, she’s off and running. Her owner couldn't be happier. She tells NTV24: "It's the first time in a month the owner has seen her baby walk."

This poodle is a loyal customer. She was using Sweepea's two-wheeled aid. But now that her front legs are giving out, the owners decided to get a four-wheeled version.

Wheelchair prices start at about US$170 (18,000 yen). Craftsmen measure the dog's body carefully and find the perfect place to attach the leash. Precision is necessary for the dogs to be able to walk.