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Japanese Thermos Flies to Outer Space

Science Kagoshima Kyushu
Japanese Thermos Flies to Outer Space

JAXA reached out to Tiger, a well-known home goods company, to make a canister that can bring delicate materials from the International Space Station back to earth.

Japan had an ambitious dream when unmanned cargo spacecraft Konotori 7 was launched in September 2018. JAXA wanted to retrieve samples from experiments conducted in space. It would be a first for Japan.

The mission called for a very special canister. JAXA decided to enlist the help of Japan’s most famous manufacturer of thermal bottles; Tiger Corporation. The manufacturer is known for making stainless water bottles, rice cookers and other products with good insulation and heat retention properties. That was exactly the kind of technology JAXA was looking for.

This is where we make vacuum insulated bottles. Project leader Keiji Nakai and his team faced a tough challenge.
The canister would have to keep the same temperature for four days. It would also need to sustain a force of 40 Gs.
I was surprised we’d been tapped to do this. The purpose of the canister would be to retrieve samples of protein crystals developed on the International Space Station.

Learn all about this fantastic voyage by watching the video above.