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New Japan-Exclusive Seasonal Fanta Flavor

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One of the things we love about Japan is its plethora of vending machines, and all the weird and wonderful discoveries waiting to be found inside them.

Now we’re on the hunt for a new and unusual beverage, this time from Fanta, one of our favorite brands, and has seduced us before with their cool and creative Japan-exclusive flavors.

Their newest release is simply called “Socata!?,“ and while that makes it a bit of a mystery, at the top of the can the words “Fanta Delicious Flavors of the World” explain that this new beverage takes its inspiration from abroad.

So what exactly is socata? It’s actually a traditional Romanian soft drink made from elderflowers. It’s usually produced by naturally fermenting the flowers in a lemon and honey or sugar solution.

While Fanta Sokata, which contains the flavor of socata, has been a popular drink in Europe, the new Fanta Socata!? aims to introduce Japanese consumers to the delicious flavor of the Romanian beverage.

The new drink is being billed as “the perfect summer beverage to refresh you with an all-new flavor you’ve never tried before.” The drink itself is sure to catch everyone’s attention, with its gorgeous blue-and-white design, featuring a silhouette of a Romanian townscape, along with elderflowers and lemon.

As the first product in their new “Fanta Delicious Flavors of the World” series, we can’t wait to see what country they’ll take our taste buds to in the future. The new Fanta Socata!? will be available exclusively from Japanese vending machines from June 10, 2019, until stocks sell out.

Source, top image: Coca-Cola Japan

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