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New Japan-Only KitKats Combine Berries & Nuts

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In January 2018, Nestlé Japan secured exclusive rights to ruby chocolate, a new variety of chocolate to join dark, milk and white chocolate, becoming the first in the world to debut the new flavor with the release of the Ruby chocolate KitKat.

Since then, Yasumasa Takagi, the Japanese pâtissier chef behind many a new KitKat creation, has been experimenting with new flavour combinations to expand the ruby chocolate range, and now they’re ready to wow us all again, this time with Everyday Nuts & Cranberry Ruby.

The new product combines the much-hyped ruby chocolate with nuts and dried cranberries, and presents it in two beautiful packages designed to entice chocolate lovers to enjoy a KitKat break every day.

The small, resealable standing pouch contains small, bite sized morsels.

The larger packs contain the individually wrapped wafers we all know and love!

According to Nestlé, the natural fruity flavor of ruby chocolate is a perfect partner for the tart, dried cranberries, while the combination of nuts and wafer create a delightfully crunchy texture.

And in addition to the ruby chocolate variety, the new Everyday Nuts and Cranberry will also be available in milk chocolate.

Nestlé says the new chocolates have been designed with convenience in mind, so KitKat lovers can enjoy a taste of their favorite chocolates throughout the day.

The new KitKats will be available at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide from March 25, 2019, with the small sized pouches retailing for ¥158and the larger packs retailing for ¥600.

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Source, images: PR Times

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