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6 Cute Sushi Knickknacks

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Making realistic fake food is an art form in Japan, mostly carefully crafted by highly skilled artisans in Osaka, where the fake food industry began in 1932. Creating fake food remains a big industry here, where life-size dishes are often displayed in front of restaurants to tempt people inside and help them make their choices.

1. Salmon Sushi Magnet

These fake food products are extremely realistic and might even cause you to get hungry when you look at them! No, this is not a delicious salmon nigiri—this is actually a magnet! It makes a great gift for family and friends, as well as a unique souvenir from a trip to Japan!

2. Scallion & Tuna Gunkan Sushi Roll USB Flash Drive

This is a fully functioning 4 GB USB flash drive that's cleverly disguised as a scallion and tuna roll!

3. Sea Urchin Gunkan Sushi Roll Key Chain

This key chain features a very realistic uni (sea urchin) design.

4. Scallion & Tuna Gunkan Sushi Roll Key Chain

If sea urchin isn't your sushi of preference, fear not: these key chains also come in a scallion and tuna roll just like the USB drive!

5. Salmon Sushi Key Chain

This salmon nigiri sushi key chain looks so realistic you might accidentally bite into it!

6. Salmon Roe Gunkan Sushi Roll Key Chain

These fake food products are a great way for you to enjoy (at least the sight of) Japanese food wherever you go!