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New Wave Japanese Tea Shops in Tokyo

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There’s something inherently relaxing about a good cup of tea. Even in a busy city like Tokyo people still take the time to enjoy a good brew! As a result, specialty cafés are popping up all over—many of which are serving tea in creative new ways in a more modern atmosphere. Check out these awesome shops the next time you need to take a time out.

New Ways to Experience Japanese Tea

Here are some excellent choices for those interested in a more contemporary take on Japanese tea.

Gen Gen An (Shibuya)

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匂いと音は同じ。#茶香炉 #幻幻庵

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With branches in both Shibuya and Udagawacho, Gen Gen An by En Tea brand their café as “the next standard in tea," and it shows. You get a real sense of the effort and skill that goes into each cup—each staff member shares a passion for tea, and many of them visit producers to learn as much as they can about the production process. The artistry they show for brewing also informs the minimalist but stylish interior.

Artless Craft Tea & Coffee (Nakameguro)

Art Director Shun Kawakami designed this café with a coffee stand in mind, and he wanted to showcase the beauty and craft of both coffee and tea. This café brings the flavors of Kyoto to Tokyo, sourcing their organic tea leaves from Kyoto’s small shops and plantations. They even get their teapots from Kyoto, using Kaikado’s line of traditional tea canisters. Each and every cup is made with the utmost precision.

Hachiya (Sendagaya・Daikanyama)

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11月7日から11月11日のころに「立冬(りっとう)」を迎え、暦の上では冬の季節に入ります。 落ち葉が舞いはじめ、なんとなく悲しさが漂う季節ですが そのような時にこそ、のんびりと過ごしたり温かいお茶を飲んだりする時間が至福に感じられるものですね。 八屋のストレートのお茶は玉川堂の急須で一杯ずつ心を込めてお淹れしています。 . #二十四節気 #立冬 #八屋 #HACHIYA #HACHIYAteastand #simple #tea #japanese #japanesetea #teastand #cafe #japan #tokyo # #東京 #代官山 #千駄ヶ谷 #和 #東京カフェ #東京グルメ #日日是好日 #日本茶 #甘味

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Hachiya is a specialty tea stand café that also serves up some incredible Japanese sweets. With its gravel entrance and walls styled to look like traditional ukiyo-e, Hachiya gives off a very modern vibe while harking back to Japan's romantic past. Green tea, hojicha and genmaicha are their main focus, but the café often makes its own original seasonal drinks. For example they have their own special matcha latte, but depending on the season they also have a fruit and matcha soda. We just can’t stop going back to find out what’s new!

Tokyo Saryo (Sangenjaya)

Tokyo Saryo has recently gained popularity because it’s the first café in the world to offer hand-dripped Japanese tea. They carefully select the best tea leaves from around Japan, and use a dedicated tea dripper to make the most of such high-quality tea. The wide selection of tea leaves brings out notes of sweetness, bitterness and umami, and the aromatics are incredible. It's a great place to visit if you're an aspiring tea connoisseur!

Souen Sakurai Tea House (Omotesando)

Souen's owner has had a lot of experience with Japanese sweets and cuisine, and decided to build on that experience by opening up a café. Souen offers a wonderful blend of Japanese food and drink, including original creations that utilize both Japanese tea and sake. One of the best things is that the seats are at the counter, so you can watch in awe as the baristas make their signature drinks.

Ocharaka (Nihonbashi)

France-born owner of Ocharaka (and certified sommelier) Stephane Danton creates his own drinks by adding different flavors to the tea. In 2005 he opened a café in Kichijoji, but has since moved to Nihonbashi Muromachi, where it has happily operated for over 10 years. You can buy over 50 different types of tea leaves over the counter, including mango, strawberry and more! Such unique flavors make for a great souvenir!

Salone de thé PAPIER TIGRE (Nihonbashi)

As you might discern from the name, Salone de thé PAPIER TIGRE is a popular French brand that opened up a branch in Tokyo. They set up shop in a renovated a 50-year-old building to create what they call a "tea salon." They source all their tea leaves from within Japan and use only pesticide-free, organic leaves for both their teas and their desserts. So, you can have a guilt free café experience! Be sure to pick up some high-quality (and adorable) goods while you're there!

Classic Japanese Traditions

If you're in the mood for something a little more traditional, the following shops are definitely worth checking out!

Higashiya Ginza (Ginza)

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.⠀ 茶食会 ・⠀ 特級玉露 / 前菜盛り合わせ / お椀 / 一菜 / 番茶 / 副菜 / 主菜 / 御飯 / 味噌汁 / 香の物 / 葛切り / 季節の和菓子 / お薄 ・ ヒガシヤギンザ茶房では、季節の食材とともに茶を愉しむ会席「茶食会(さじきえ)」をご用意しております。 玉露を中心とした様々な日本茶を料理に合わせ、それぞれのお茶がもつ特徴を活かした、まさに“茶を食す”会席です。 旬の食材を贅沢に使った料理とお茶の組み合わせの妙を、 是非ご賞味ください。 ・ #HIGASHIYA #HIGASHIYAGINZA #銀座 #GINZA #茶房 #玉露 #Gyokuro #茶食会 #Sajikie

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Higashiya Ginza has a refined sense of style, and gives you a chance to enjoy Japanese desserst and tea in a traditional setting. They originally opened up in Meguro, though they've since moved to Ginza. This stylish riff on a traditional café has gained lots of attention, in part because you can choose from over 30 different types of Japanese teas!

Ippodo Chaho Tokyo (Yurakucho)

Ippodo is a long-standing Kyoto favorite that has built a reputation of excellence in Tokyo as well. The interior design uses natural materials to create a cozy, warm atmosphere where the soothing scent of the tea can wash your stress away. The café advocates the idea of “being able to enjoy delicious tea from home” by showing you how to pour tea in the traditional Japanese way, so you can do it anywhere.

Chachanoma (Omotesando)

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。。。 【ご予約受付中】 日本茶講座「お水とお茶の関係」 . 今月の日本茶講座は「お水」 水によってお茶がどのように変化するのかを知るセミナーです。 お茶の葉から出てくる味わいは水に含まれる成分によって変化します。 水による味の変化、水色の変化、水の特徴。 お茶の主成分である水を知ることで、淹れたいお茶をより自由に淹れることができます。 基本であるがゆえになかなか意識しない水の大切さを知るセミナーです。 . 開講日 9月14日[金](09:15-10:35)←受付終了 9月14日[金](14:30-15:50)←受付終了 9月16日[日](09:15-10:35)←定員のため受付終了 9月29日[土](09:15-10:35)←受付中 セミナーは予約制です。 お申し込みはHPよりお願いいたします。 . #お水とお茶の関係 #お茶を淹れる喜びをお伝えしたい #日本茶淹れ方 #日本茶講座入門編 #日本茶講座 #茶茶の間サロン #日本茶出張セミナー #茶茶の間セミナー #chachanoma_seminer #茶茶の間 #日本茶ソムリエ #chachanoma #Japanesetea_sommelier #表参道 #カフェ #茶 #日本茶 #煎茶 #omotesando #cafe #japanese #tea #greentea #japanesetea #sencha

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If we were only talking about looks, the main selling point of Chachanoma would have to be its incredible windows—the gorgeous light combined with high-quality tea will simply warm your soul. To serve such high-quality tea, the tea leaves are carefully selected from a plantation owned by a Japanese tea connoisseur. The menu is fairly extensive, but is explained in such a way that even the utmost beginners can begin to navigate their way through the Japanese art of tea.

Gekko (Taito)

A store unlike any other, at Gekko you can try fresh mochi, handmade by the owner each morning—not to mention their special Japanese tea. They specialize in the delicious green tea cultivated in Shizuoka, which they serve up in unique tokoname teapots. When you want a top-up of hot water, you can use one of the large iron kettles for yourself, which helps you feel like part of the brewing experience!

Tsukimasa (Shimokitazawa)

Tsukimasa is a long-standing tea room that was first established in Showa 53 (1978). The menu is incredibly varied, from sencha to matcha, uguisu genmaicha to butter tea, this place has it all. The most popular tea is the reliable and flavorful house-brand Tsukimasa leaves, which go perfectly with some of the delicate Japanese desserts they offer!

Chacha Kobo (Takadanobaba)

Newly renovated, Chacha Kobo is a café where you can truly relax. They use organic, pesticide-free tea leaves, which go very well with their Japanese-style sweets. You are actively encouraged to take your time at this place, as a pot of hot water is served with your tea, so you know you won't be rushed out the second you finish your first cup!

Ujien (Omotesando)

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#今日のおやつ 本当は地元の🍈食べようと思ったけど… コスパよくないのでやめた😅 場所わからなくてグルグル探しちゃった😅 やっぱ この辺はオシャレなカフェがいっぱい🤗 来週からはほうじ茶ティラミスが販売だからまた来たいな😋 #抹茶ティラミス 古民家をリノベーションして 色んなお店が屋台の様に入ってるww😋 🍵 🍵 🍵 #表参道 #表参道カフェ #表参道スイーツ #表参道映え #tokyo #food #foodstagram #instagood #instagram #omotesando #cafe #cafestagram #ミッキーのカフェ巡り #裏参道ガーデン #裏参道ガーデンカフェ #sweets #宇治園 #宇治園ほうじ茶 #宇治園裏参道ガーデン

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Ujien is a longstanding tea shop from Osaka that has recently made its way to Tokyo's stylish Omotesando neighborhood. Based within the beautifully renovated Omotesando Garden complex, the atmosphere is simply delightful. There's also a menu that allows you to perform your own small matcha tea ceremony, so you can get hands on with this enduring Japanese tradition.

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