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9 Craft Beers Perfect for Spring

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Whether for a hanami cherry blossom viewing or a tasty barbecue, spending time outside is even better with friends and a great can of beer. If you're looking for a good time with some of the best canned craft beers available, you're in the right place!

Refreshing Spring Beers

Refreshing Spring Beers

Yoho Brewing: Suiyoubi no Neko
Both the name and packaging are cute with Yoho Brewing's Suiyoubi no Neko, which literally translates to "Wednesday Cat." Made with coriander seeds and orange peel, this Belgian White goes down smooth, and is a must-try for those who don’t fancy a bitter beer.

OH!LA!HO BEER: Bière de Raiden
This is one of OH!LA!HO's seasonal craft beers. This Nagano-based brewery makes a different style of beer each season; in spring they offer a White Ale, summer's is a Wheat Beer, autumn is an IPA and in winter they have a Porter. The great thing about that seasonality is that your taste buds are making new friends throughout the year!

Nippon Beer: Belgian White
This is a Belgian-style White brewed by Nippon Beer Company. One of the interesting points of this beer is that its label is printed upside-down, supposedly so you can read it while someone is drinking it. With hints of lemon, it's an invigorating brew perfect for springtime!

Perfectly Paired with Food

Perfectly Paired with Food

Yoho Brewing: Yona Yona Ale
Another brew by Yoho, Yona Yona Ale is an American Pale Ale sold at Lawson Station convenience stores throughout the country, so it's easy to find. Its light, aromatic bitterness is perfect not only for hanami, but also for tsukimi moon viewing parties. It's great with a meal, or if you're just kicking back to relax.

Ginga Kogen Beer: Pale Ale
Ginga Kogen’s White Beer may be more famous, but their Pale Ale is not to be missed. This dark-colored beer is more full-bodied than many popular brands, but it's perfectly balanced and is sure to be popular among beer enthusiasts.

Coedo Brewery: Kyara
Coedo Brewing is based in Kawagoe, in Saitama Prefecture. This IPA is a deep golden-brown color, and has a by a crisp finish that's perfect for refreshing your palate during a meal.

Slow Sippers

Slow Sippers

Echigo Beer: Red Ale
This Red Ale comes from the Echigo Brewery in Niigata. The color may be fairly dense, but the rich scent and slight bitterness make for a great beer that's perfect for sipping once hanami is winding down.

OH!LA!HO BEER: Captain Crow Extra Pale Ale
Also called "The Transporter," OH!LA!HO's Extra Pale Ale was made with the slogan “hoppier, cleaner and more fragrant ” in mind. We recommend this beer when you need something aromatic and slightly fruity to cut through rich flavors.

Yoho Brewing: Aooni IPA
Yoho's Aooni (literally "blue demon") is an IPA, and as such has more hops than usual. Despite its intense bitterness, it's complemented by a hint of sweetness that makes it wonderfully drinkable.

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