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Kero-chan Gets Limited-Time Café in Tokyo

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Any café needs a lineup of beverages too. The Kero-chan Café has Rainbow Tapioca Clear Soda (¥1,680), which is served with a Dream Wand straw…

…and iced café au laits with latte art of Kero-chan and fellow familiar Spinel Sun (¥1,780).

If those drink prices seem a little steep, it’s because you get to keep the character-art glass jars they’re served in. On the other hand, if it’s the Kero-chan plates that you’ve got your eyes on, the large version is available for an additional charge of ¥1,200 for customers who order the Kero-chan Feast Plate, tantanmen noodles, Kero-chan Pancake Purin à la Mode, or Takoyaki Dog. A smaller plate is also offered for ¥680 to diners who order the soft-serve ice cream.

As such, superfans might find themselves tempted to run up a hefty tab! On the bright side, spending more than ¥5,000 gets you a complimentary Kero-chan Café cloth tote bag.

And regardless of what your final bill comes to, each food item or drink you order gets you one of 10 special coasters.

The Kero-chan Café started serving customers on April 27, and will remain open until July 8, 2018.

Click on the link below from Sora News 24 for more information, including the address of the Kero-chan Café!

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