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Smell Sweet Thanks to Kiki & Her Cat Jiji

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Donguri Kyowakoku—a store famous for its vast lineup of character merchandise based on anime feature films produced by Studio Ghibli—is now offering a line of Kiki’s Delivery Service perfumes. Four different scents are available, each inside a bottle decorated either with the little witch entrepreneur Kiki or her black cat familiar Jiji.

The Kiki’s Delivery Service Body Mist line is a joint venture with fragrance Fernanda. Two of the aromas, Maria Regale and Lovely Melody, are part of the company’s pre-existing favorites. Maria Regale (left) contains the scents of jasmine and pear, while Lovely Melody (right) has rose and freesia notes.

The remaining two are original fragrances made just for the Kiki collaboration, with an orange and rose aroma in My Story (left), and peach, jasmine and honey for Magic Moment (right).

The body mists contain a moisturizing agent, and Donguri Kyowakoku says they’re safe to use on your face, hair and clothing fabric, so you could even use them as a Fabreeze substitute if you’ve gone out for some particularly pungent ramen after building up an appetite binge-watching anime.

All four varieties are identically priced at ¥1,500 (about US$14) for a 100-milliliter (3.4-ounce) bottle. Alternatively, the whole set can be purchased here through the Donguri Kyowakoku online shop for ¥6,000 (about US$57).

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