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Sample Some Doughnut & Ice Cream Sushi in NYC!

Sushi Sweets

At a distance (and maybe squinting a little), these sushi samplings might look like they're made out of raw fish, but they're actually ice cream, courtesy of the New York ice cream parlor Gelarto, in the East Village, where they use custom molds to form the sushi shapes from any of their 46 or so flavors of gelato Italian ice cream.

The sushi also comes with a pair of chopsticks, so you might even fool yourself into thinking you’re having sushi, at least until the moment the cold, creamy goodness reaches your lips.

According to some of those who've tried the ice cream sushi, it doesn’t taste like fish and wasabi, but of deliciously rich mint chocolate chip, cherry cream and salted caramel.

Gelarto isn’t the only New York establishment to have put a Western spin on sushi. Pokee, another restaurant in the city, has been making sushi doughnuts, although these are a little closer to the original since they do at least have fish on them, as the restaurant’s main focus is on Hawaiian-style poke raw fish salads.

We’ll just have to hope that some of these, and maybe America’s sushi “burrito,” make their way to Japan so we can try some for ourselves!

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