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Graduation Bentos Prove to Be Bitter Sweet

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Having your parents make a lunch for you to bring to high school may be embarrassing in other parts of the world, but in Japan, it’s relatively common. And since February/March is graduation season in Japan, with some seniors’ classes ending around this time in late January, now's the time when a lot of homemade bento lunches will come to an end.

Some seniors posted photos of their final parent-made bentos on Twitter, showing off their (mostly) mother’s magnum opus like @mariechan_9's collage of her mother's homemade bento.

Below is her tweet translated:

“Today was the last day of my mom waking me up and making my kyaraben (character bento) for me. They were always fully loaded with characters and miniatures or themed for school events, and I admired how expressive and creative she was. I love my amazing, wonderful mother. Thank you so much for these three years.”

@ichigo_kazuryu said, “My last high school bento made by my mom. Thank you for the tasty, cute bentos every day. They always made me so happy.”

@FAmico_0420 had this to say: “My last high school bento. I heard my mom and little sister working on it in the kitchen last night, but I never expected something this high quality lol.”

@suzu_anc2 was particularly moved. “My mom usually just throws my bento together, but since today was my last one, we made it together last night. I know it was a lot of work for her to make them for three years, but they were delicious every day. My mom taught me so much… I’ll do my best even after I graduate.”

For more moving displays of bentos packed full of love, be sure to click on the full story from Rocket News 24 below!

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