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Top 5 Winter Activities in Wintery Gifu

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Top 5 Winter Activities in Wintery Gifu

Gifu Prefecture, located in the heart of Japan and surrounded by mountains, is one of the best places to experience the wide range of winter activities possible in Japan. From skiing and snowboarding to ice skating and snow rafting, there's bound to be something for everyone. Discover five reasons why this prefecture's a popular winter destination.

5. Ice Climbing at Ciao Ontake Ski Resort (Takayama)

Experience a wide range of winter activities at Ciao Ontake Ski Resort from skiing and snowboarding to ice climbing and snow-shoe tours. Located on the northern slopes of Mount Ontake to the southeast of Takayama, this fun resort is easily accessible by train from both Gifu City and Nagoya. The resort is surrounded by virgin forests that offer amazing panoramic views of the Northern Alps. In recent years, it has started becoming popular with climbers for its big ice wall.

Address: 1739-1 Takanecho Hiwada,Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, 509-3403

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4. Snow Rafting at Hirugano Kogen Ski Area (Gujo City)

Hirugano Kogen Ski Area is a fun, family-oriented ski resort in the Gujo area of Gifu Prefecture that offers easy slopes for children and beginners along with a Kid’s Land where you can experience a range of cool snow-related activities. Try your hand at snow rafting or sledding on the 250-meter (820-ft) course. Hirugano Kogen is a place that everyone, from kids to adults, can enjoy in winter.

Address: 4670-75 Takasucho Hirugano, Gujo, Gifu Prefecture, 501-5301

3. Ice Skating at Crystal Park (Ena City)

3. Ice Skating at Crystal Park (Ena City)

Ice skating is a popular winter activity in Japan. Many male and female Olympic and World Champions in the sport have come from Japan. Crystal Park in Ena offers you the chance to try ice skating in a spacious 400-meter outdoor skating rink complete with beautiful snow-capped mountains as a backdrop. The multipurpose skating facility is used for both ice skating and speed skating in winter along with roller skating during the warmer months.

Address: 970-1 Takenamicho Takeori, Ena, Gifu Prefecture, 509-7122

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2. Snowboarding at Dynaland (Gujo City)

The Dynaland Ski Area located in the northern part of Gujo City offers a large variety of courses for the keen snowboarder. This is the biggest and, some say, the best choice for day-trippers and those coming from Nagoya. The resort is on the eastern slopes of Mount Dainichi (part of the Ryohaku Mountain range) and, along with nearby Takasu Snow Park, boasts 32 courses and 43 kilometers (26.7 miles) of ski/snowboarding courses. The snow park has everything for your snowboarding needs including kickers, table tops, boxes and rails.

Address: 3035-2 Takasucho Nishibora, Gujo, Gifu Prefecture, 501-5305

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1. Skiing at Meiho Ski Resort (Gujo City)

Meiho Ski Resort, located in the picturesque Gujo region of Gifu Prefecture, offers world-class skiing along with spectacular panoramic views of the Northern Alps. Long regarded as the number one ski resort in Western Japan, it's easy to see why with four ski slopes and 12 trails providing first-class runs. Make sure you try the incredible 5-kilometer (3-mile) trail from the summit to complete your experience. Meiho Ski Resort is a place that anyone can enjoy—from complete beginners to advanced skiers.

Address: 3447-1 Mizusawajo Meihokuzumi, Gujo, Gifu Prefecture, 501-4304