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Check Out the Best Japanese Ads of 2017

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One of the most memorable things about watching TV in Japan is stumbling upon some of the cutest and weirdest commercials the country has to offer. Here, it’s not unusual to see people dancing onscreen, singing cute jingles and pulling out fancy hand moves in an effort to draw attention to products and services we may otherwise never have known about, and now YouTube channel JPCMHD ツ has compiled some of the very best ads from 2017 into one video so everyone around the world can enjoy these marketing masterpieces.

At just over 17 minutes long, the clip might seem like a lot to get through, but with each commercial lasting just 15 to 60 seconds, you’ll be hooked right up to the very end!

Click on the full story below from Rocket News 24 to see a full listing of the Japanese commercials with descriptions of each commercial!

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