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5 Ways to Get Active in Japan's National Parks

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There's more to do in Japan's national parks than simply look at nature—lovely as it may be. There are plenty of ways to get your hands dirty and your feet wet as well!

Kayak around the Shiretoko Peninsula (Hokkaido)

Kayak tours are offered around the Shiretoko Peninsula when the seas are calm from July to September. It's a great way to get a rare view of Furepe Waterfall (フレペの滝・Furepe no Taki) from below!

Kayak on the Kushiro River (Hokkaido)

The Kushiro River (釧路川・Kushiro-gawa) runs through Akan-Mashu National Park on the east side of Hokkaido.

Cycle Japan's Highest Roadway (Gifu)

The Norikura Skyline (乗鞍スカイライン) is found in the southern reaches of Chubu Mountains National Park.

Kayak along a Ria Coast (Mie)

Tomoyama Park (ともやま公園・Tomoyama Koen) is located in Ise-Shima National Park in Mie Prefecture.

Go Horse Trekking on the Kuju Plateau (Oita)

Kuju Plateau (久住高原・Kuju Kogen) is located on the western edge of Oita Prefecture.