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Behold: the Ultimate Wagyu Beef Bento!

| Wagyu , Bento

When most people think of Japan’s bento, the first things that come to mind are the affordably priced boxed lunches sold at convenience stores, or a bento painstakingly made by hand. But bento can go high-end too, with gourmet ingredients and prices far beyond the ¥600 (US$5.35) that inexpensive bought bento usually cost.

For example, take a look at this meaty offering, filled with cuts of premium wagyu beef from Tottori Prefecture, which was recently rated as the highest-quality beef in all of Japan by the Wagyu Registry Association.

No room for vegetable side dishes here. Every compartment of the bento box is stuffed with beef, sitting atop a ration of Tottori-grown Kinu Musume rice.

Looks mouth-watering, doesn’t it? And it should, because this ultimate meat-lover’s bento will set you back ¥292,929 (US$2,615). That’s inclusive of ¥21,698 (US$194) worth of sales tax, meaning that the levy on this bento is enough for a whole month of ordinarily priced bento lunches.