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Dress as a Fox Bride at This Studio in Kyoto

| Kimono , Kyoto

Like many photo studios in Kyoto, Studio Kokoro offers plans in which customers can don the kimono of a maiko (apprentice geisha) and have their hair and makeup done in the style of the traditional cultural entertainers. But Kokoro also gives clients the opportunity for a makeover/photo service unlike that you’ll find at any of its rivals.

The fox bride, or kitsune no yomeiri, package, draws inspiration from Japanese folktales of fox spirit bridal processions. But while maiko makeovers are a tried-and-true line of business for Kyoto photo studios, no one was sure how well a fox bride variant would go over, and so initially the package was offered for only a limited time.

The response from customers was overwhelmingly positive, though, and Kokoro has now made the fox bride package a permanent part of its service lineup. Some customers have been so satisfied that they’ve even come back for repeat fox makeovers.

For the fox bride package, Kokoro’s makeup artists use lighter makeup than for the pure-white faces of geisha. Another key difference is the bold red accents around the eyes, which help to create an alluringly mysterious aura.