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AAJ Adventures: Kitayamazaki

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Kitayamazaki (北山崎), part of the Sanriku Recovery National Park, is an impressive coastline area in northern Iwate Prefecture where you can view jagged 200-meter (656-ft) high cliffs that line the serene 8-kilometer (5-mile) coastline. There are three observation decks along the path, offering incredible views of the cliffs from three different vantage points. Besides the incredible rock formations, you can scope rare birds of prey, such as ospreys and falcons, from the scenic binoculars on the observation decks.

Like much of this region, a car is recommended to take advantage of this natural area. However, there are train and taxi options for those who don't or cannot drive. Furthermore, six tour boats a day are in operation from the Port of Shimanokoshi, offering you another amazing point of view from below. And for the more adventurous hikers out there, you can also explore the rocky beach below, where a network of caves (full of shy bats) will lead you to some gorgeous, unspoiled picture-worthy spots.

And while you're in Iwate, make sure you head out to the impressive Ryusendo Cave or the Goishi Coast, two other fantastic stops on our AAJ Adventure tour of Tohoku.