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Is Colorful Skin Fashion's Newest Trend?

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A Japanese model and DJ called Miyako has been making news around the country recently for her bright and colorful fashion choices, which include coloring her skin.

Called ishoku hada, which translates to “unique skin” or “remarkable skin,“ the new trend involves the use of colorful body paint to help recreate magical characters.

Miyako’s involvement in the ishoku hada scene was a natural progression, as she was already a big fan of the dark tans and heavy makeup seen in ganguro styles, a “gyaru ” fashion trend that bucks conventional ideals of feminine beauty for individuality, self-expression and freedom.

Ishoku hada takes self-expression and unconventional beauty to a whole new level, with multi-colored wigs, bright contact lenses and colorful accessories essential to pulling off the look.

At the center of the trend, though, is colored skin, which appears in all shades of the rainbow and more. The brighter and more outlandish the shade, the better.

Miyako and the ishoku hada girls have even inspired fan art online.

Like ganguro and gyaru fashion, isshoku hada is a niche street style that is anything but mainstream. Since Miyako and the isshoku hada girls appeared online last month, though, they’ve already spawned fans who’ve quickly taken up the style, posting their own photos online with the hashtag #異色肌ギャル (#IshokuHadaGirl).

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