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Dine on Dishes That Look Like Precious Gems

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The Amethyst Panna Cotta (¥300), a creamy gelatin dessert from Italy, is made from an adaptable material that Usaginonedoko used to craft an eerily accurate facsimile of amethyst.

By far the most impressive item on the menu is the Garden Quartz Tiramisu (¥790). Clearly, this dessert was made to look like the transparent stone, but it was hard to see the tiramisu.

However, at the bottom of the gelatin covering, lightly dusted with green tea powder, sits a wad of cookie dough soaked in the flavor of espresso and covered in mascarpone!

Needless to say, it was intensely delicious and the perfect example of Usaginonedoko’s equally high commitment to beauty and flavor.

It may not be geisha and samurai, but if you want something truly unique in Kyoto, be careful not to miss Usaginonedoko’s relatively unassuming store front and pay them a visit. You’ll not be disappointed.

For more information including Usaginonedoko's location, click on the full story from SoraNews24 below!

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