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6 Amazing Features of Japanese Toilets

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If you've never used a high-tech Japanese toilet before, you're in for a fun surprise or two. You don’t have to be a high-roller to use one, though: these fancy plastic thrones are widely available throughout Japan, showing up in train stations, shopping malls, and more. Join us as we take a look at some of the Japanese toilet's neater features.

6. The Bidet

The most common feature of a Japanese toilet is the bidet, which is an automated jet of water designed to wash the rear end. Some models feature an additional bidet for women, too. While not quite as powerful as a car wash, the bidet is designed to delicately clean your undercarriage with a gentle stream of water. You can usually control both the water pressure, nozzle position, and sometimes how heated the water is via controls on the master control panel.

5. The Heated Seat

5. The Heated Seat

Our favorite feature of Japanese toilets is the heated toilet seat that keeps your rump nice and warm on those cold winter mornings. This is a godsend for those who live in Japanese homes with poor heating and insulation and must brave winter temperatures even indoors. Most toilets have a switch that allows users to turn this feature off during the warmer months to save energy, and some even have a smart sensor that records when you most often use the toilet and heats the seat accordingly during those times.

4. The Blow Dryer

A refreshing feature of modern Japanese toilets is the blow dryer function that dries your freshly bathed buns with a gentle breeze. With the touch of a button, you can have a completely dry bum and save on the expense of toilet paper. What could be better?

3. The Automatic Opening Lid

A recent advance in Japanese toilet technology is the automatic lid that greets you upon entering the restroom. The automatic lid raises itself when you approach the throne, and lowers with a gentle bow after you have finished. We've never seen such beautiful manners in our lives!

2. Music to Your Ears

2. Music to Your Ears

Have you ever been embarrassed while making a number two in public? Japanese toilet manufacturers have just the solution for you: the Otohime, or Sound Princess. This cool feature allows you at the wave of a hand to create some ambient white noise (sometimes even parts of classical music suites) to hide all those natural sounds while you evacuate.

1. The Over-the-Toilet Sink

Another feature designed to save money and water is the over-the-toilet sink. This innovation allows you to wash your hands in the sink basin attached to the top of the toilet tank. Simply flush the toilet and the water that refills the tank flows out of the faucet into the small sink on top. Don’t worry, the water is not from your dirty business!

Japanese high-tech toilets: you have never had as much fun in the washroom before.