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Make Your Own Takoyaki That Look Like Planets

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An inexpensive comfort food that’s casual enough to be eaten with a toothpick, takoyaki spheres are cooked until they’re a tantalizing shade of brown, then dusted with seaweed flakes, sauce, and/or mayonnaise.

The takoyaki pictured above are representative of how they’ll almost every time you encounter the tempting treats. However, Japanese Twitter user @kyooochang wanted the batch of takoyaki she was making to have a little more visual impact, and the minor tweak she made to the traditional takoyaki recipe got the job done in a startling way.

Ordinary takoyaki batter has a cream color that’s not unlike pancake mix, but @kyooochang decided to stir in a measure of royal blue food coloring.

The result was a batch of dazzling azure takoyaki unlike any we’ve seen before.

Takoyaki are simple to make, in that the number of required steps is pretty small. Basically all you have to do is mix the batter, pour it into the compartments of a specialized takoyaki maker, and drop in the fillings. You’ll need to periodically stir the dumplings while they’re cooking, though, to keep the transfer of heat even and prevent scorching the batter. Not being a pro, @kyooochang let some of the dumplings cook a bit too long in one position, but even this worked out to her artistic advantage. The batter in the charred areas turned a greenish brown, creating the effect of continents rising out of a brilliant blue sea and making each takoyaki look like a miniature alternate Earth.

As long as you have a takoyaki maker, you too can create miniature blue planets for your next party.

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