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8 Fun Souvenirs from Shikoku, Japan

Souvenirs Shikoku

One of the greatest worries when going to Japan is deciding on the right souvenirs for our friends and families. Making the purchases that best represent the region you are traveling to is the way to go. Not only will your gifts be meaningful, but your decisions may earn you your social points! Here's a list of eight fun souvenirs from Shikoku.

8. Imabari Towels from Ehime Prefecture

CIBI Christmas countdown 2016 - 19 days until Christmas 【Soft towel made in Imabari, Japan】 | Our new arrivals are proudly made in Imabari, Ehime, one of the most well-known regions for the best quality towels in the world. | What they are particular about is "soft touch" and "absorbability" which are very important for quality towel. They use softest cotton picked by hand in India, use Shankar cotton. One side is covered with smooth cotton gauze, so that it is light and thinner and it dries quickly and practical for everyday use & wash. Our kids love them as they are so light and soft;-) | Available in blue and grey, 3 sizes: hand towel, face towel, and bath towel. Available at CIBI and online. #imabaritowel #softtowel #xmasgiftsuggestion #xmasshopping #christmastcountdown2016 #shoppingatCIBI

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When you mention towels in Japan, it must be of the Imabari brand. Yes, towels. Imabari City is the largest domestic towel manufacturer, which is no surprise due to the quality of their towels. It is famous for retaining their original softness even without fabric softener as they have excellent water absorbency. A nice change from the usual souvenirs of snacks.

7. Naruto Uzuimo from Tokushima Prefecture

Naruto Uzuimo is a Japanese sweet made from Naruto kintoki sweet potatoes which have been marinated in honey and dried. Naruto kintoki is hailed as the queen of sweet potatoes, cultivated in the mineral-rich soil in the salty sea breeze of the Naruto Strait. That just makes it souvenir worthy.

6. Umajimura Yuzu Kosho from Kochi Prefecture

6. Umajimura Yuzu Kosho from Kochi Prefecture

Another interesting condiment that hails from the Kochi Prefecture. Yuzu Kosho is a citrus condiment made by mixing the peel of the yuzu citrus fruit, chilli pepper and salt. Since Kochi is the number one producer of yuzu in Japan, and Umajimura is famous for yuzu, that simply makes Umajimura Yuzu Kosho the best citrus condiment in Japan! Umajimura yuzu are grown naturally using almost no agrochemicals and this yuzu kosho has no artificial additives or colourings so you can enjoy the original taste of the ingredients.

5. Hatada Onkuri Tart from Ehime Prefecture

How often do you see a tart with a huge chestnut in the middle? If you haven't been to Japan often, maybe rarely. The Onkuri Tart is a traditional Japanese snack which is made up of a soft, fluffy sponge cake lined with Yuzu kneaded sweet bean paste, with a chestnut. Definitely a pretty unique snack.

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