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A Quick Guide to the East Tokyo Neighborhoods

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3. Akihabara - Tokyo's electric town

Akihabara is most widely recognized as the go-to place for electronics, thus earning it a reputation as Tokyo’s electric town. Nowadays, the otaku or geek culture seems to have overtaken the district by storm. Anime and manga (Japanese comics) fans will go wild in Akihabara with the massive variety of video game and manga stores, arcades etc available here. Even if you aren’t into electronics or geek culture, just a walk in Japan’s nerdiest neighbourhood will keep you entertained for the day.

Kanda Myojin - not your usual Japanese shrine

There are numerous temples and shrines in Japan, but Kanda Myojin (神田明神) is definitely a unique temple to look out for. While the shrine building looks “normal”, take a good look at the souvenir and omamori (good luck charms) store and you will discover what sets it apart from the other traditional shrines. The omamori is shaped like a computer chip, meant to protect your electronic devices such as laptops and tablets. There are also cute omamori featuring popular anime characters. No wonder Kanda Myojin is dubbed as the geekiest shrine ever. Visit the shrine to pray for success in your techie ventures or simply to bless your new computer from any potential viruses!