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East Japan Shines in 5 Videos of Wintry Wonder

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Have the ultimate Japan experience watching these incredible videos of wintertime in Fukushima, Tochigi and Ibaraki Prefectures. As the powdery snow gives the mountains and historic buildings a diamond-dust shine, you'll get to observe some the cultural arts as well as traditional and modern activities that make this region spectacular.

Diamond Route Japan: Overview

Fukushima, Tochigi and Ibaraki Prefectures have teamed up to bring you "Diamond Route Japan," a series of absolutely astounding videos showcasing the wonders of the region. These areas, only a few hours north of Tokyo, are full of natural wonder, history and culture unique to the region and we are lucky to be able to experience a bit of this splendor through these five well-produced videos. With shots of Ouchi-juku, Higashiyama Onsen, Lake Inawashiro as well as Tsuruga Castle and the nearby Oyakuen Gardens, you'll be mesmerized by the sights. And from food and drink to cultural and martial arts, there's most certainly something for every kind of traveler.

Awe-Inspiring Scenery & Crafts with Frankie Cihi

Take a journey with artist Frankie Cihi who was able to bring her signature style of "organic symmetry" to the traditional craft of Aizu lacquerware. In this video, you'll also get to explore Hanitsu Shrine, Nishiaizu International Art Village and even witness the process of creating Aizu momen (cotton).

Mouthwatering Food & Drink with YouTuber Micaela

Follow along with popular YouTuber Micaela and her partner, videographer Tatsu, as they enjoy the stunning nature, take part in a tea ceremony and savor the best food and drink the region has to offer.

The Ultimate Powder with Kazushige Fujita

Consider yourself a powder hound? Diamond Route Japan has teamed up with professional boarder Kazushige Fujita for an exhilarating run through the incredibly soft "Japow" (Japanese powder) before relaxing in the hot springs next to Lake Inawashiro.

Discover the Living Samurai Spirit

Before coming to Japan, a lot of people have the notion of ancient traditions being carried out everyday: the idea that samurai, ninja and geisha are still wandering the "Land of the Rising Sun" is a common one. But it's not so far-fetched! The samurai spirit still lives on in "Samurai City" Aizuwakamatsu, and can be seen in the hardworking athletes who are practicing their sword fighting and archery techniques with the gorgeous snow-covered Tsuruga Castle and the spectacular Kegon Falls serving as a timeless backdrop.

Don't just watch. Make your way to Japan and enjoy the splendor of the "Diamond Route" with your own eyes.