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Larger Than Life Attractions Coming to USJ

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Then, from January 13 until June 25, the updated Cool Japan section of USJ opens featuring attractions based on Monster Hunter, Detective Conan, Attack on Titan, Godzilla and Evangelion.

Monster Hunter The Real

Monster Hunter The Real

At Monster Hunter The Real you will be a part of an airship crew transporting a monster hunter in search of the giant 30-meter (98-ft) elder dragon Amatsugatsuchi. Little does everyone know that an oxymoronically new elder dragon, Barufaruku, is also lying in wait.

To give these massive monsters a realistic appearance, a huge 43-meter (141-ft) screen will be used at this attraction. This means that all the monsters, including 30-meter-tall dragons, will actually appear at their true heights in front of you.

Surely all that monster hunting will work up an appetite, so the chef of Bherna Village has prepared a special risotto with a spicy cheese and tomato sauce. There is also a huge chunk of Monster Hunter meat served with a Zinogre tail churrito and also a hot Energy Drink, which, in true Monster Hunter fashion, is made by mixing items together.