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Shironuri Makeup Tutorial

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Shironuri—literally, "painted in white"—is a Harajuku fashion style that's been almost singlehandedly revived by a young makeup artist who goes only by the name of Minori.

In this subtitled video, Minori goes through all the steps in the process, from foundation to eyelashes and wig choice, detailing not only how to apply face powder without peeling off the foundation but also her incredible technique for creating ivy-like patterns around the eyes with a fine-tipped liquid eyeliner brush.

The tutorial slowly transforms into a hypnotic work of art, with Minori applying flower petals to her model's face using eyelash glue as she explains how to ensure that your eye makeup contrasts with your clothes to really make your eyes pop. Vivid contact lenses, she says, are a must, while many elements from the eyelashes to the lipstick are subtly modified and adapted to the shironuri style.