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5 Incredible Origami Rose Tutorials

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5 Incredible Origami Rose Tutorials

Roses are a fantastic way to show someone you care; yet, it's always bittersweet when we have to throw the wilted flowers away. Unless they're made of paper! We present to you five different and creative origami rose tutorials to express your feelings without a mess of dried petals and crunchy leaves. Go ahead a fold a bouquet today!

5. Rosebud Origami

Tadashi Mori has a wide range of designs to make over on his YouTube channel, including this lovely little rosebud. Besides being a sweet gift for a "budding" relationship, it makes for a nice little boutonnière!

4. Easy Origami Rose

YouTuber Henry Phạm offers several tutorials of varying complexity on his channel, but this is one of his easier vids to follow (though, "easy" might be a relative term in this case). Pick up a piece of paper and give it a try!

3. Kawasaki Rose

This slightly geometric Kawasaki rose comes from Yakomoga. The video above is solely focused on making the flower. If you want to complete the set, you can find the leaves here and the stem here.

2. Original Rose

Jo Nakashima does a great job showing us step-by-step how to make this rose, complete with leaves and stem. Besides the captioned instructions, theres a pictorial in the upper right hand corner that shows how the paper folds should look. Head over to Jo Nakashima - Origami Tutorials for more origami inspiration.

1. Magic Rose Cube

Sure, you can just make a typical origami rose, but this magic cube is sure to impress your loved ones. This tutorial, created by Valerie Vann, is featured on ProudPaperOfficial, where you can find even more inventive and cool designs.