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8 Original Pokémon Origami Tutorials

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YouTuber Henry Pham has a long list of video tutorials to help you be the very best Pokémon folder there ever was! Why spend your time trying to catch virtual pocket monsters of Pokémon Go, when you can go be productive and make them yourself in real life!

YouTuber Henry Phạm is on a mission to create original and incredible origami works of art. And among his creations is a series of Pokémon tutorials to help us make our very own pocket monsters. Here, we have found eight great videos to showcase his skills, and we welcome you to try these at home!

If you'd rather just watch these miniature works of handcrafted art being made, the sped up video above, set to the theme song of the Pokémon anime, is just what the Nurse Joy ordered. Phạm has more video tutorials of other originals as well, so please support this master by visiting his channel at the link below. That being said, here are our Top 8 tutorials.

8. Easy Pikachu

We aren't all origami experts. But thanks to this easy Pikachu video, even the beginners among us can fold the cute electric mouse.

7. Bulbasaur

While you might be able to get a Bulbasaur easily at the beginning of the game, he's one of the more difficult of the starter Pokémon to make.

6. Charmander

The fire starter Charmander is a little easier to make, as long as there's not a Squirtle around to cool things down.

5. Rattata

Wanna drive someone crazy? Make a few hundred of these Rattata and scatter them around. There's no better way to simulate the Pokémon GO experience of finding the low-level Rattatas everywhere!

4. Ponyta

Ponyta is cute, fast and fiery. Did you ever imagine you could touch one with your very hands without getting burned? Well, here's your chance!

3. Gyarados

Gyarados, the Atrocious Pokémon, is one of the more difficult to obtain in Pokémon GO. However, with a bit of patience, you can have your very own water dragon thanks to this tutorial. No Magikarps required!

2. Zapdos

Let Zapdos, the legendary electric Pokémon and symbol of Team Instinct, light up your life with this truly dab-worthy tutorial!

Fret not my red and blue friends: Team Valor's Moltres can be found here, and Team Mystic members can make Articuno by clicking here.

1. Realistic Poké Ball

Because of the cutting and pasting involved, this is considered paper craft and not origami. But, you can't catch 'em all without a Poké Ball.

Bonus: Origami Poké Ball

If you do want to make a Poké Ball while staying true to the art of paper folding, here's the tutorial for you. Even better, it opens and closes! Thanks to JeremyShaferOrigami for this excellent way to store all our creations. You can find more of his works below.