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Killer Krispy Kreme Halloween Doughnuts

Sweets Halloween

One of the most exciting new releases for this year is the adorable Purple Sweet Potato Mummy (¥230). Peeking out from his winding, white chocolate bandages, the incredibly cute doughnut features a body of purple sweet potato icing.

Inside, it’s filled with a rich purple sweet potato cream. This one is deliciously moorish. As one of Japan’s most distinct autumn flavors, sweet potato is a great reminder of the season, and this creamy delight tastes naturally sweet, as if it were made using real potato with a dash of sugar, instead of an artificial flavoring. This tastes more like a Mont Blanc dessert instead of a doughnut, only with a sweet potato filling replacing the usual chestnut purée inside. The purple mummy is surprisingly delicious and is definitely one to try for its unique blend of Japanese and western flavors.

As with all the cream-filled doughnuts in the collection, heating them briefly in the microwave brings out their flavorful aromas and turns their insides into a wonderful, warm ooze.

As well as being sold separately and in dozen packs, the three seasonal doughnuts in the collection can be purchased as Halloween Triple Monsters for ¥670.

Opening the lid reveals Jack, the Purple Mummy and the Melon Soda Monster.

As with all limited edition holiday releases, the Halloween collection won’t be around for long. These spooky doughnuts will be on sale from September 14 to October 31, 2016, so be sure to stop by Krispy Kreme to try the monsters before they disappear!

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