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Killer Krispy Kreme Halloween Doughnuts

Sweets Halloween

The team at RocketNews24 was able to snag some Krispy Kreme Halloween-themed doughnuts and those fluffy pastries look amazing. Let's open the box and take a look inside.

Once you open the box, you’ll find it’s full of monsters! While a couple here are mainstays for the season, there are three brand new designs and flavors making their debut for the first time in this year’s collection.

One of their never-before-seen creations is the Melon Soda Monster, which retails for ¥210 ($2.02). With a big, round screaming hole for a mouth, the concerned-looking monster is covered in a green melon-flavored icing, decorated with white and milk chocolate and topped off with marshmallow and chocolate candy eyes. The melon flavor here is intense, and rather than tasting like fresh fruit, this one lives up to its name by tasting exactly like a Japanese melon soda!

The delightfully chewy plain doughnut beneath the icing provides a great base on which to carry the strong and delicious taste of melon. The unusual sensation of eating a flavor usually found in a soda drink is fantastic, and exactly the type of surprising treat you’d expect to find at a Halloween party!

The Halloween Sprinkle (¥210) is also new for this year. It uses a pudding-style doughnut to give it a full-bodied flavor and texture. The generous coating of “Halloween-colored” candy sprinkles makes this incredibly crunchy, while the chocolate icing combines to bring out a classic doughnut flavor, reminiscent of childhood treats.

The company’s famous Honey Glaze Doughnut (¥210) is given a Halloween makeover this year with the simple addition of a marshmallow, which creates a singular, bulging Cyclops-like eye. Delightfully sweet and chewy, the signature glazed doughnut pays tribute to Krispy Kreme’s 10th anniversary in Japan this year, so no limited edition collection would be complete without it.