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6 Truly Horrifying Halloween Makeup Ideas

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6 Truly Horrifying Halloween Makeup Ideas

Not sure what to do for Halloween this year? If your goal is to go out and downright disturb and frighten friends, then these tutorials from top YouTube makeup artists and professionals will help you find some inspiration.

6. Embedded Beer Can

Drinking can sometime lead to unfortunate accidents, and this makeup tutorial from professional makeup artist Kenji Sato truly embodies that. We'd like to advise our faithful readers to be careful with the sharp can edges if you're attempting this at home. And be safe in general this Halloween!

5. Mangled Finger

Of course we all like to see the makeup effects of bloody and disfigured faces during the Halloween season, but for costumes that require other kinds of wounds, this tutorial can give you some ideas. While YouTuber Morisaki Alice creates a mangled finger, this technique, using Ben Nye Nose and Scar Wax (a mainstay in any special effects artist's kit), goes a long way for creating other mutilated body parts.

4. 'Ex' Wife

Shibuya109 is a very popular department store in Tokyo's Shibuya ward, but who knew they posted Halloween costume tutorials. This guide shows you how to find items and makeup at the shop and use it to create an evil looking jilted zombie bride.

3. Zombie Hospital Escapee

Zombie is the usual go-to makeup idea for last-minute Halloween revelers, but not all zombies are created equally. Makeup artist SuReRo posted this video to teach viewers her technique to make a bloody and disturbing undead hospital patient with an embedded syringe in her forehead.

2. Terrifying Jagged Jaw

While many people may not be able to imagine the utility of a giant jaw with massive fangs, fans of Marvel Comics, particularly Spider-Man, might especially have a use for this tutorial. Besides being a clever way to become the super villain Venom, this horrifying makeup, also from Kenji Sato, just might frighten children on the train! Mission accomplished.

1. Grotesque Tooth Explosion

This video is neither for those faint of heart nor true makeup beginners. This is a highly technical and absolutely gruesome costume idea that resembles an anglerfish with jagged sharp teeth seeming to sprout right from the model's face. This isn't a tutorial per se, because the steps to create this supernatural trick art aren't explained, but we hope you can find some inspiration here for your next creepy costume.