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5 Cool Events at the Nagasaki Kunchi Festival

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5. Kasaboko

5. Kasaboko

Each city district's presentation will kick off with the presentation of its kasaboko (literally, "umbrella-lance"). Each district has its own kasaboko design, though the overall structure is the same: The top is called the kazari, or decoration, while the cloth that covers the person underneath is called the tare, or curtain. The tare pictured above was made using Nagasaki shishu, the local embroidery technique.

Each kasaboko weighs approximately 150 kilograms (331 lbs), yet it will be lifted and spun by a single person! As the performer spins the kasaboko, the crowd calls out, "Futo maware!" which roughly means "Spin it bigger!"

If you want to take in even more of this major event on the Nagasaki calendar, check out this video from the 2015 Nagasaki Kunchi Festival!