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Top 10 Islands Around Okinawa for Beach Lovers

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7. Submerge in serenity - Hatoma Jima

Why visit?
- Peaceful, quiet sanctuary.
- Experience rural island life!

With only 50 inhabitants on the island, Hatoma Jima is a small, peaceful sanctuary where everything is within walking distance! Though less than a kilometer (0.6 mile) wide, Hatoma Jima has much to offer! You can find 3 main hotels/inns (Minshuku Aozoraso, Kusikeya and Pension Maitoze), white sand beaches, clear waters and an abundance of gorgeous island views on the island. Colloquially known as “Patouma”, Hatoma Jima is the ultimate escape for those seeking some quiet time!

You can go snorkelling and admire the wildlife at the huge coral reefs, lounge under the shady palm trees, check out the gargantuan Banyan trees in the north and discover a rustic lighthouse! Do note that the island is very dark at night, so do bring along a flashlight if you are catching the sunset by the beach!

6. Sail for the sweet escape - Kohama Jima

Why visit?
- Immerse in country life
- Admire sugar cane fields
- Great island and ocean views.

Known for being the filming location of the popular Japanese drama “Churasan”, Kohama Jima is situated between Ishigaki and Iriomote Island. The island is actually part of Taketomi Island, and is only separated by the Yonara waterway, a stunning place to see manta rays!

The island has a long history of agriculture, and cultivates mainly sugarcane and rice. If you want a great view of the entire island, head to Ufudaki at the heart of the island. From this viewpoint, you can even see most of the surrounding islands in the Iriomote National Park!

One of the best attractions in Kohama Jima is the Sugar Road, which was featured in the popular drama “Churasan”. On both sides of the road are fields of sugarcane that go for miles in all directions!

5. "Moove" around town - Taketomi Jima

Why visit?
- Visit a well preserved traditional Ryukyu village.
- Ride on a buffalo cart!

Just a short distance away from Ishigaki Island is Taketomi Jima, an island housing an impressively preserved, traditional Ryukyu village! While walking around the village, you will see authentic Ryukyu style one-storied houses with red roofs and lion statues perched on top to ward off evil. Some of these houses also accommodate guests! Others house restaurants and souvenir shops.

Transport on the island is rather unique, as there are no vehicles on the island! You can walk around or rent a bicycle and cycle around the white sand roads and gorgeous beaches in the west. However, it is highly recommended to commute via Buffalo carts! You can take a 30-minute cart tour from the village, while the guides sing local songs and play traditional Okinawan music along the way!

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