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6 Items for True Bento Masters—Each Only ¥100!

| Bento , ¥100

So you want to be a master of making cute box lunches? Then you're guaranteed to love these products! At a cost of only ¥600 for the whole set, before taxes, you'll save a lot of time and money with these six products!

6. Molds

Deco-ben kits are molds with a variety of designs, ranging from simple round shapes to cats with adorable ears. These can be used to make cute cookies and pancakes, or to cut and shape foods like egg and konnyaku into incredible edible images.

5. Decorating Pens

For true design aficionados, this is a product that you can use to easily write and draw designs. Shaped like a pen, the "ink" can be chocolate, mayonnaise, or whatever colorful sauce strikes your fancy.

4. Food Coloring for Rice

"Deco Furi" is a food coloring powder that, when mixed with rice, will produce different colors. Great for recreating famous cartoon characters! There are many colors to choose from, including pink, purple and green. Naturally, they're all safe to eat.

3. Seaweed Cutters

Rice balls are a key part of bento, and you can use these cutters to trim delicate nori seaweed sheets to make adorable faces or patterns to place on them—or any other food you may have in mind! While it would be very hard to cut these by hand, with your nori cutter you can quickly cut out these simple shapes even more easily than working with paper.

2. Egg Molds

You can transform ordinary boiled eggs into cute cartoon characters such as Doraemon easily with these molds. Just take the shells off the eggs while still warm, then put them into the plastic molds before soaking them in cold water for 10 minutes. Like magic, the boiled eggs will become almost too cute to eat!

1. Rice Ball Molds

Suitable for cooking with children, you can get your little ones help make sushi or rice balls by letting them put the rice into the mold. Once all three are filled, you just close the lid and shake it vigorously back and forth several times. In just a few shakes, miniature rice balls will come out, ready to eat or decorate!