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This 'Izakaya' Truly Is Stranger than Fiction!

| Izakaya , Tokyo

Keeping your job, while gradually adding elements of what you love to it, until your passion takes over and becomes the main selling point—that’s exactly what Mark, owner of Kagaya has pulled off.

We say owner, but creative director, performer, entertainer and server is probably a more accurate description. Kagaya: Frog is Stranger than Fiction is a small izakaya tucked away in the basement level of a building near Shimbashi, Tokyo. The wacky performances that Mark gives throughout the dining experience is the main draw but we can’t tell you too much because, well, surprises are best delivered unspoiled. We will endeavor to tell you more about why you should pay it a visit, without too many spoilers.

3. Affordable

Kagaya is a lean operation with a homey, down-to-earth feel, which means that unnecessary staff costs, fancy renovations and sky-rocketing rent is not priced into your meal.

2. Homemade Japanese Dishes

As with most places, what you eat dining out is different to what's served at home. This is a great chance to sample homemade recipes, as not many restaurants in Tokyo serve homemade Japanese food. Mark’s mother is chef extraordinaire: you’ll see her calmly working away in the small kitchen as Mark gets more and more eccentric throughout the night.

1. Unique

The energy he channels into his, um, performances is undeniable and unlike anything you’ve seen before. Despite (or because of) being so unconventional, it’s extremely popular—for locals and tourists alike—so make sure you book your seat ahead of time!

The location as well as phone number can be found at Kagaya's website below!