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Soy Sauce Dishes Create 3-D Optical Illusions

Sushi Design

Taking advantage of the natural gradation that occurs in soy sauce, Soy Shapes are seemingly normal dishes that become M.C. Escher-style three-dimensional optical illusions when the liquid is added. The gorgeous dishes, and their irregular surfaces, are made possible by craftsmen and craftswomen of Gifu, Japan, which has a long history of producing ceramics.

“Soy Shapes are soy sauce dipping dishes that take your sushi-eating experience and food presentation to the next level,” says Duncan Shotton, the Tokyo-based designer of this whimsical creation.

Shotton is using Kickstarter to fund the creation of Soy Shapes. If you're interested in helping getting this project into stores, check out Spoon & Tamago below.

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