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The Aritayaki Wristwatch


Japanese Aritayaki ware, also known as Imari porcelain, can be traced back to the year 1616 when an immigrant Korean potter discovered Kaolinite (the main component of porcelain) and setup kilns in Kyushu, which began producing blue and white porcelain. Today, Aritayaki is characterized by its intricate cobalt blue and red glazes, which contrast nicely with the translucent whiteness of the clay. The timelessness of Aritayaki, celebrating its 400th birthday in 2016, is being honored in a unique and entirely appropriate way—through beautiful Swiss timepieces. And Koransha, a longstanding porcelain manufacturer, is teaming up with Swiss-born Paul Gerber, considered one the world's foremost watchmakers to make these dream pieces a reality.

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