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Experiencing 'Overseas' Resorts in Japan

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Bali, Mediterranean countries and the U.S. are popular destinations for Japanese tourists. While undoubtedly lovely places, traveling abroad eats up a lot of time, and vacations are often very short in Japan. With that in mind, we found four resorts in Japan that can give you that overseas feel without leaving the country!

4. Shima Mediterranean Village (Mie)

Mediterranean countries such as Spain, France and Croatia are some of most written-about destinations in Japanese travel magazines. With year-round sunshine and nice beaches along the coasts, it's difficult not to fall in love with these countries.

Instead of flying 15 hours to Europe, you can enjoy all the Mediterranean has to offer in Shima City, Mie Prefecture. You may have heard of Shima City lately as it was the location of the 2016 G7 Summit. This Mediterranean-inspired villa resort is located along a coast as well—albeit the Pacific Ocean in this case. The building facades and room interiors are designed to reflect the styles of the Andalusian and Castilian regions of Spain, and Sardinia of Italy. The villa is a wonderful way to experience a Mediterranean atmosphere without the hassle of international travel.

3. Villa Santorini (Kochi)

The blue-and-white geometric houses dotting the island of Santorini are among the most iconic images of Greece, and the island is an incredibly popular destination for travelers throughout the world. Unfortunately, getting there from Japan would take around 24 hours, including the flight and ferry.

You can, however, find these romantic Santorini elements in Tosa City, Kochi Prefecture, which is a much less time-consuming journey from within Japan. The whitewashed buildings, walkways, and even rooms are built exactly the same as a typical Santorini hotel and courtyard. Your vacation to a romantic island resort just got that much easier!

2. Anda Resort (Shizuoka)

Due, in part, to the rise of low-cost airlines, Bali has gained popularity as a vacation destination for Japanese tourists in recent years. Not only is it closer and cheaper than European resorts, the Indonesian island offers stunning beaches, ancient temples and a sophisticated and diverse performing arts scene.

Boasting this and much more, it's no surprise that a Bali-style resort opened in Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture, an already popular resort area. The Anda Resort not only utilizes Balinese architecture and interior designs, but also presents Balinese cuisine and a Bali-style spa. If flying to Indonesia is out of the question, the Bali resort in Izu can offer you a relaxing getaway.

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1. Tokyo Disneyland Hotel (Chiba)

We've seen Mediterranean and Southeast Asian resorts, so how about something American? If you're wondering where to find someplace that channels New York or Los Angeles, Mickey Mouse is here to help!

Disneyland is probably as close as you can get to an American experience without leaving the country. All the hotels in Tokyo Disneyland are located along the Tokyo Bay area, complete with pools, gardens and spacious American-style rooms. It's proof that Mickey has more to offer than the magic of Disneyland!