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5 Great, Cheap Cosmetics for the Natural Look

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The natural, glow-from-within look is in, but knowing which brands can help you achieve it can be difficult. We've gone to All About's guides and hair/makeup stylists for recommendations on the best cleanser, moisturizer, foundation, blush and styling foam—all optimized for the best cost-to-beauty performance!

1. Cleanser — Gentle Cleansing Foam by Avène (¥2,200)

This cleansing foam is derived from plants and Avène spring water. Incredibly bubbly and thoroughly soft on the skin, it cleanses while carefully leaving behind enough sebum to keep your skin from feeling dry.

- (Japanese)

2. Moisturizer — White Sherbet by Hada Labo (¥1,500)

White Sherbet Moisturizer is the cream of the crop, as it can both whiten and treats pores. In addition to being an excellent skin care cream, it's great for refreshing skin that's been damaged by UV rays. On sweltering days, simply stick it in the refrigerator and apply it on your skin for a cool, refreshing feeling.

- (Japanese)

3. Foundation — Area Foundy by Flow Fushi (¥2,500)

This unique liquid foundation has a both a brush and an applicator tip built in. Use the applicator tip to dab a bit of this lighter-than-air cosmetic under your eyes, then spread with the cottony soft brush for naturally shining, clear complexion.

- (Japanese)

4. Blush — Lucent Magique Cushion Blush by L'Oréal Paris (¥2,000)

A compact that's a liquid!? Now we've seen everything! Offering excellent coloring without getting your hands covered in blush powder, this compact goes on easy to give you rosy and lustrous cheeks.

5. Styling Foam — Morning Hair Fixer by Liese (¥760)

This styling foam can easily rein in those pesky strands that stick out from your head after a night's sleep. Simply put some foam in your hand and run your fingers through your hair until it's damp to bring your hear under control.

- (Japanese)

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