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15 Best Foodie Stops in Asakusa

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Tokyo's Asakusa area is famous for Sensoji Temple and the Nakamise Shopping Street. Since you'll most likely be exploring on foot, this will almost certainly be accompanied by hunger! There are numerous walk-and-eat foods, as well as restaurants, available in Asakusa that are very much worth your time to check out.

15. The wide variety of tempuras from Tempura Daikokuya

Tempura Daikokuya was opened in 1887 and is one of the most-famous tempura (Japanese fried dish) stores in Asakusa. There are various tempuras available at Tempura Daikokuya, including shrimp tempura, vegetable tempura, mushroom tempura, and more. They are available in both donburi-style (Japanese rice bowl dish), as well as separate set menus.

Tempura Daikokuya opens at around 11 am, but it is a common sight to see a queue developing way before its opening hours, so it is recommended that you visit the store early if you want to avoid queueing!

14. Asakusa Kibidango Azuma’s traditional Japanese sweet

The Asakusa Kibidango Azuma is a shop that sells the traditional kibidango, a type of dango (Japanese rice dumpling) that originated in the 19th century in Okayama Prefecture. The kibidango are served on a stick and are priced reasonably at 300 JPY (2.80 USD) for 5 sticks. The soft kibidango are coated with kinako (toasted soybean powder) and are sweet and soft. During summer, Asakusa Kibidango Azuma also serves iced matcha while amazake (Japanese sake) is sold in the winter.

13. Ganso Kimuraya Ningyoyaki: cute sweets shaped like lanterns!

The ningyoyaki is one of the popular souvenirs in Asakusa. It is a Japanese sweet with red bean paste inside fried castella. Ganso Kimuraya Ningyouyaki is amongst the famous stores where you can purchase the ningyoyaki, which comes in 4 different designs: Pigeon, 5-Storey Pagoda, Japanese Lantern and Raijin (god of lightning and thunder).

There is also a similar shop nearby called the Ganso Ningyoyaki Kimuraya Main Branch. Both stores specialise in selling ningyoyaki and have an extremely long history. Why not purchase from both brands and compare their taste?

12. Iriyama Senbei: classic Japanese rice cracker

Iriyama Senbei is a stall that was opened in 1914 and only sells one dish: the Iriyama senbei. A senbei refers to a Japanese rice cracker, and the Iriyama senbei is a simple, classic senbei with only soy sauce as flavouring. Despite the simple appearance and taste, the crunchy senbei is extremely addictive and it is unbelievable how such a delicious cracker can be made from merely toasting.

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