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5 Reasons to Go Off-Season Camping in Japan

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5 Reasons to Go Off-Season Camping in Japan

Camping is a great way to break away from the usual stresses of life: to relax, to unwind and to breathe some extra-fresh air. While most people are aware of the benefits of camping, it’s worthwhile to consider the additional benefits that come with planning a camping trip to coincide with the times of the year when fewer campers are out there.

5. Places are Less Crowded

5.  Places are Less Crowded

Since fewer people will be crowding the campsites, there will be more choices for spots to pitch your tent. There will be less noise, more space and more privacy. Chances are that fees will be lower and, if the trip isn't made during a big national holiday, the roads will be less crowded, making getting to camp and back home more enjoyable as well.

4. Weather

4.  Weather

Off-season generally means “not during the summer.” This, of course, means less perspiration and more inspiration: a lot of Japan's natural beauty happens only in autumn, winter or spring.

3. Insects

3.  Insects

Forget about packing that Japanese mosquito coil. As most people are probably aware, fewer insects are around in cooler weather. Remember all those “friendly” flies and mosquitos that came to visit in the warm and often humid summer months? The closer to freezing temperatures a place is, the less likely it is to have pests.

2. Food Preservation

2. Food Preservation

It’s easier to keep your food fresh when the temperature isn't high enough for you to feel like taking four showers a day.

1. The Stars

1. The Stars

Almost as an extra bonus, stars are brighter during the cooler, drier times of the year, presenting a long-running show that can be as spectacular as any fireworks display. And with the shorter days that accompany autumn, stargazing can begin earlier than in summer.

So why not get out there and track down a spot to take in the natural sights as the temperature drops? Cooler days don't mean no camping—they just mean more ways to enjoy the great outdoors!