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The Evolution of Convenience Store Bran

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The Evolution of Convenience Store Bran

The products you see on convenience store shelves in Japan are actually not as static as you would think. For example, Lawson's in-house bran bread has gone through a number of iterations, starting with a first attempt that even the company admits tasted awful, and which has gradually evolved into the fluffy, low-sugar goodness you can buy today.

Lawson bran bread is made using the husks of rice and wheat, and is deisigned for people concerned about watching their sugar intake. The two bran bread rolls above (¥125 with tax) have roughly 83 percent less sugar than regular bread rolls, and the current iteration of the product also offers 30 percent less salt than previous versions.

Lawson's bran loaf (¥175 with tax) also now contains 30 percent less salt than previous versions. The loaf can easily be cut into slices, making it a great option for simple dishes and sandwiches.

In fact, Lawson has actually prepared a number of simple but fun recipes using its bran bread, including toasted sandwiches, salad croutons and French toast (above). If you can't understand the Japanese, just skip ahead to the visual directions, as they're easy enough to follow. You can see the other recipes below!

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