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Fans of the Sailor Moon manga and anime franchise have been getting a bellyful of their favorite characters recently, with pop-up cafés in Tokyo and Osaka. Now, there’s a new destination for the world’s Sailor Warriors, and it’s located high above the ground.

The 52nd floor of Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills Mori Tower is home to (for a limited time) the Chibiusa Café which features lots of natural light and a glass wall decorated with a variety of Sailor Moon motifs.

Inside, the tables feature beautiful designs, with Chibiusa in one corner, joined by a series of different characters on the other side.

One of the star features at the café is the new ginger-flavored Chocola BB Joma energy drink, which Sailor Moon herself has been advertising recently for “pretty soldiers doing battle in the workplace.” Ads for the drink, which contains Asian ginseng and guarana extracts, as well as Vitamin B6 and the amino acid arginine, play on a loop near the exit at the back of the café.

Also on display are the Five Sailor Senshi Beauty Charge Juices (¥850 [about US$7.80]), which contain the Chocola BB Joma energy drink. The colors feature the five main senshi, along with a generous serving of fresh fruit inside each glass and a large chocolate crescent moon topping. On the right is the Evil Black Crystal Cocktail (¥1,000 [US$9.20]).

Plus, each drink comes with a specially marked coaster, highlighting the tie-in collaboration between the Chocola BB Joma drink and the Chibusa Café.

To tempt the taste buds are some main meals like Tuxedo Mask’s Nihilistic Pasta (¥1,300 [US$12]), which has a pie-crust mask and a spicy tomato sauce.

The Three-Variety Talisman Curry (¥1,450 [US$13.30]) features the magical items of Sailors Uranus, Neptune and Pluto accompanied by yellow, spinach and squid ink roux.

The Sailor Moon Special Hamburger (¥1,600 [US$14.70]) is paired with a side of pickles and star-shaped tater tots. The burger comes in the image of the magical pink-colored Crystal Star Compact, with pieces of thin, fried egg, colorful dollops of mayonnaise and a glazed cherry making up the edible design. The buns, with a lovely pink tint, hold a hearty filling of bacon and ground beef, topped with a thick piece of fried egg. Also containing lettuce, mustard and tomato sauce, this tastes just like a regular burger should.

For dessert, the Heavenly Miracle Romance Parfait (¥1,250 [US$11.50]) is a slice of pure heaven. Containing four layers of jelly in different shades, and topped with a serving of cream, fresh strawberries, flaky pie pastry, crumble pieces and a round scoop of berry-flavored sorbet, the parfait has been designed to resemble the main poster for the Sailor Moon exhibition being held on the same floor.

And if you would rather go for more cutesy desert, then definitely order the Luna P Ball Berry Mousse (¥1,200 [US$11.00]). This is one of the most adorable items on the menu, with a fluffy, light purple-colored berry mousse forming the round, plump face of Chibiusa’s Luna P Ball. Lying on a bed of whipped chocolate cream and surrounded by canned fruit pieces and fresh mint leaves, this dessert tastes as lovely as it looks. With strawberry slices as ears and a dainty watermelon-flavored mouth, the only thing hard about this sweet is having to delve into Luna's face to eat it!

With a thin sponge layer at the bottom, the tart berry flavor of the mousse blends perfectly with the sweeter whipped chocolate cream. With the accompanying fruit pieces and mint leaves, it’s both decadent and refreshing at the same time.

After your meal, head next door to the Sailor Moon exhibition space which is included in the admission fee of ¥1,800 ([US$16.55]) to enter the 52nd floor. The art exhibition is being held from April 16 to June 19, 2016, and the café plans to close its doors the same day as the exhibition's final day.

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