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Sip on Sailor Moon-Inspired Drinks

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Fans cheered for the Sailor Moon Crystal season 3 trailer which introduced us to Sailor Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn. Now, anime theme cafe Anion Station will be bringing back its Sailor Moon Crystal menu in Tokyo and Osaka, featuring outer scout-themed food and drinks.

The cafe will serve five drinks: Moon Spiral Peach Tea, Pink Sugar Milk, Space Sword Blue Soda, Deep Aqua Melon Soda, and Garnet Orb Au Lait...

as well as three desserts: Cosmic Heart Pancakes, Chibiusa and Hotaru’s "Best Friends" Yogurt Sundae, and Haruka and Michiru’s “Forbidden” Parfait.

Both cafés will be open from April 4—when Sailor Moon Crystal season 3 premiers—to May 9, and you’ll need to make a reservation to snag a table at either. Additionally, the café will be taking Sailor Moon song requests via Twitter, playing nostalgic favorites from the original animated series.

Reservations also begin on April 4, so visit the Anion Station website to reserve a spot.

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