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Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 Trailer is Here!

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It’s been almost two years since the premiere of Sailor Moon Crystal, the reboot of the mega-hit anime franchise from the 1990s. But even after two seasons of the new show, not all of Sailor Moon’s heroines have appeared in their updated forms.

Soon enough, though the full complement of Sailor Senshi will be in play. Sailor Moon Crystal's hiatus is set to end next month with the start of its third season, and those fans who’ve been waiting to see the last three magical girls are about to have their patience rewarded, as shown in this preview video for the upcoming portion of the series.

As with every new Sailor Moon season, there’s a new batch of villains to square off against, a position being filled this time by the devious Professor Tomoe and his Death Busters team. More exciting for long-time fans, though, are the Crystal debuts of Sailors Uranus and Neptune, one of anime’s earliest open same-sex couples, and the mysterious Sailor Saturn.

And even if your favorite senshi have already joined the Crystal cast, they’ve been given a fresh coat of digital paint thanks to new character designer Akira Takahashi, who’s reeled in a bit of extra-exaggerated lankiness of Sailor Moon and her cohorts, with the product ending up somewhere between their appearance in the original anime and the first two seasons of Crystal.

Sailor Moon Crystal Season III premiers Monday, April 4 at 11 p.m. on Tokyo MX.

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