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Sink Your Teeth into Natural Sakura Ice Cream

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While Baskin Robbins has its own sakura-flavored ice cream, it's got nothing on this ice cream shop's savory cherry blossom-flavored ice cream delight!

While Akihabara remains Tokyo’s mecca for all things anime and technological, it’s also home to a burgeoning scene for B-class gourmet, what Japanese foodies call extremely affordable but genuinely tasty delicacies. On one of Akihabara’s backstreets you’ll find Café Euro.

Despite the name, Café Euro’s ice cream selection has a number of Japanese-inspired flavors, like matcha green tea, yuzu citrus fruit, Hokkaido melon and black sesame.

But perhaps the most Japanese of all is sakura, which is being offered as a special flavor right now. Unlike other sakura-flavored sweets, which use ground-up blossoms or extracts, Café Euro’s ice cream has whole sakura flowers mixed into it. Technically, they’re shiozuke sakura, in which the petals are treated with salt.

You might imagine eating a flower to be a bitter, rubbery ordeal, but because of how they’re prepared, the shiozuke sakura have a sweet, salty flavor. They’re also not tough at all—they give the ice cream a slightly chewy yet extremely pleasing texture.

Like all of Café Euro’s ice cream, the sakura flavor is available in either a cone or a cup, and is priced at ¥300 (US$2.70) for a single scoop. It’s available for a limited—though unspecified—time, so head over early to make sure you don’t miss out!

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