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The Perfect Ice Cream for 'Sakura' Viewing

Sweets Cherry Blossoms

We’re happy to report that Baskin Robbins in Japan, known as B-R Thirty One Ice Cream locally, will soon be coming out with a new, seasonal flavor that’s sure to be a hit with the ice-cream-loving public—sakura (cherry blossom)! And Japanese consumers have good reason to be excited, because it’s been 24 years since that flavor was last offered by the ice cream chain.

The ice cream itself is described as tasting of sakura-mochi (sakura-flavored rice cake) with just a hint of salt, and will contain actual cherry leaves as an ingredient, which should give it a gentle sakura scent.

The sakura flavor will be available at Baskin Robbins shops in Japan from March 1 to the end of May for ¥360 (US$3.20) for a regular serving (prices may vary slightly depending on the shop).

So, if you’re in Japan this spring and find yourself near a Baskin Robbins store, the new sakura flavor is well worth trying! It should be like eating a refreshing ice cream version of a sakura-mochi rice cake, and the color alone is sure to get you in a spring mood. Combine it with an actual session of hanami (cherry blossom viewing) while the cherry trees are in bloom, and we think you’ll have one fine day!

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