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10 Ways to Deck Yourself Out in Okayama Denim

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Want to cover yourself in denim? Why not go to the heart of denim in Japan—Okayama! Below, Okayama Denim outlines its Top 10 picks for denim and other Okayama- and Japan-based gear (including suede and lambswool!) that won't steer you wrong, whether you're a denim newbie or a true denim head!

1. Pure Blue Japan XX-012 (Slim Tapered)

Pure Blue Japan (PBJ) has been producing jeans since 1997, and this pair really signifies the culmination of their hard work over the years. With their unique fabric paired with a modern, slim-tapered silhouette, we recommend this pair to both longtime lovers of Selvidge denim and those who are new to the Selvidge world.

2. Studio D'Artisan Loopwheel Crewneck Sweatshirt

These guys have been making great Japanese jeans in Okayama since 1979. They also have a killer collection of Loopwheel fabric garments, a fabric is only produced in two factories in Wakayama Prefecture. Sudio D'Artisan is renowned for its vintage (and time-consuming) production method. This superior fabric takes much longer than your run-of-the-mill sweatshirt material. This is one of our favorite pieces this season!

3. OD+MJ Indigo Check Selvedge Shirt

We've been working with Momotaro since our inception, going on five years now. We have an ongoing collaborative series with them, where we get together and design a completely original piece. In this case, we only produced 57 pieces of this shirt, and even crafted the fabric from scratch so it would be 100 percent original. The buttons, threading, and all other cool details have been carefully selected to suit our core audience: those looking for honest, ultimate-quality clothing.

4. Loop & Weft Merino Lambswool Crewneck Sweater

Looking for a meticulously crafted sweater that's also incredibly warm? Loop & Weft make it happen. The lambswool is sourced from the famed Geelong area in Australia, with the fabric then milled and sewn in Gifu Prefecture, an area in Japan famous for knitwear. This is subtle luxury at its finest.

5. Japan Blue JB0601 (High Tapered)

If you're looking for a great pair of Japanese jeans without breaking the bank, the new high-tapered fit from Japan Blue is just what the accountant ordered. A great pair of Japanese jeans at a great price—and with this updated silhouette, these will suit most body types.

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