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Tokyo's 5 Hoppiest Rabbit Cafés

| Cafés , Tokyo

Cat cafés, bird cafés, owl cafés ... and now, rabbit cafés. Because, Tokyo. Really, at this point we shouldn’t be questioning Tokyo's trends; let’s just embrace the fact that rabbit cafés are a real thing and that they're insanely popular. Besides, you know you want to check one out.

Ra.a.g.f (Harajuku)

Just a three-minute walk from the bustling Meiji-jingumae subway station, Ra.a.g.f (pronounced “ruff,” an acronym for “rabbit and grow fat”) is a cozy little joint that’s home to more than 20-some bunnies. From the beefy French Lop to the dainty little Netherland Dwarf, you’ll find yourself knee-deep in about 10 different fuzzy-wuzzy species of rabbits. If you find yourself completely smitten with a particular breed, go ahead and purchase one to take home! Coffee and drinks are included with cover.

Usagi Café Ohisama (Shimokitazawa)

Calm your soul at this stylish rabbit café, nestled amid a quiet residential area in Shimokitazawa. Just kick back and relax in the “bunny room” while the gentle fuzzies hop around you freely. Once you can’t process anymore cuteness, take a break in the café area to refuel for a Round 2 of cuteness overload. If you don’t have any moral dilemmas about buying their friendship, you can purchase little snack pouches to feed them. And unlike most rabbit cafés, you can actually get a full meal here that includes 90 minutes of rabbit play time!

Ms. Bunny (Roppongi)

Ms. Bunny might sound like a sketchy Roppongi joint, but you couldn’t be more wrong. This is not only a stylish rabbit café but also a shop specializing in grooming, overnight boarding and selling of bunnies and bunny products. After a long day of retail therapy, put your feet up with a cup of hot coffee and a cuddly bunny. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even take them out for a walk in Roppongi Hills.

Also, let’s see, how do we put this...? Ms. Bunny also has hedgehogs. Yes. Hedgehogs.

Mimi (Ikebukuro)

Freely hopping bunnies galore! Unlike other rabbit cafés, this Ikebukuro shop keeps its furry friends out of their cages. As a result, you’ll find some of the most chilled out and friendly bunnies lounging about in the corners of the room. Pet them, feed them and flood your Instagram with these cute little critters. #Aww

Cover includes a drink and a cup of rabbit kibble.

Cafe Mignon (Kichijoji)

Felt mascot-making class, cheesecake and a room full of bunnies…! Yes, it’s a real café, and it’s located just steps away from Kichijoji Station. You’ll be greeted by cute little fuzzies like the Holland Lop and the Netherland Dwarf. It’ll take a lot of self-control to keep your cool—especially since the café also has rabbits for sale. Gah!